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Alpha Is A Zero Sum Game

20VC: Ryan Caldbeck on Why The Business Model of VC is Broken, Who is To Blame, How The Best Funds Will Use Data Intelligently Moving Forward & Whether We Are In A Consumer Bubble Or Not?

Ryan Caldbeck is the Founder & CEO @ CircleUp, the startup creating a transparent and efficient market to drive innovation for consumer brands. To date, Ryan has raised over $50m with CircleUp from some friends and prior guests of the show including USV, Collaborative Fund and Canaan Partners just to name a few. Prior…

Episode 030 – Xiaomi

Ben and James discuss Xiaomi’s ambition to own the home, why we’re frustrated with patents, why the West is unfair to the developing world, and what makes China unique. Links Jordan Lewis: Exponent Bingo – Twitter Ben Thompson: Xiaomi’s Ambition – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Handicapping the Internet of Things –…

The Future of Finance

Heath Terry and Ryan Nash, analysts in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, explore how the twin forces of regulation and technology are opening the door for a new and expanding class of competitors aiming to shake up financial services. This episode was recorded on June 3, 2015. This podcast…

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