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Alpha Is A Zero Sum Game

20VC: Why You Have To Raise $100m+ If You Want To Go Big Today, The 5 Fundamentals To Starting and Scaling A Successful Marketplace & Why Female Founders Under-Promise and Over-Deliver with Paul Hsiao, Founding Partner @ Canvas Ventures

Paul Hsiao is a Founding Partner @ Canvas Ventures, one of Silicon Valley’s leading and newer entrants to the Series A scene. At Canvas, Paul has made investments in the likes of Everwise, Fluxx Labs, Roofstock, Thrive Global, Transfix, and Zola. Before founding Canvas, Paul was a partner at NEA, where he led an early-stage…

Distraction, Tech’s Frankenstein Moment?

Tech promised us more productivity and better lives via perpetual connectivity. Now, it seems impossible to stop looking at our screens. Can we disrupt distraction?  In this episode of the Ideas podcast, we’re diving deep into the solutions-to-digital-distraction market. We talk to Suze Yalof-Schwartz, the founder of Unplug, a meditation…

Episode 025: Twitter and Taylor

Ben and James discuss Twitter and its strategic options, as well as YouTube’s new music service, Taylor Swift and Spotify, plus the special return of the garbage truck song. Links Twitter Sharpens Its Strategy to Win Over Investors – Wall Street Journal Ben Thompson: There are Two Twitters; Only One…

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