177. The Gen-Z Consumer, Real-Time Health Data, and Persistent Top Fund Returns (Cheryl Cheng)

Cheryl Cheng of Blue Run Ventures joins Nick to discuss The Gen-Z Consumer, Real-Time Health Data, and Persistent Top Fund Returns. In this episode, we cover:

  • Cheryl’s background in retail marketing and innovation while you were with Clorox and The Sharper Image.
  • How did that lead to your career in venture?
  • On your website it says, “WE HELP ENTREPRENEURS BUILD MAGICAL COMPANIES,”… how specifically do you help?
  • Talk to me about about the Gen-Z folks… this is part of your focus at BRV… what are the high-level characteristics of this coveted consumer segment?
  • Are founders adjusting their approach to tech to better serve this group?
  • How the evolution of mobile apps and real time data has influenced the health and consumer industries?
  • You recently spoke on a panel about acquisitions… can you talk a bit about what it takes to build a company that’s well-positioned for an exit?
  • Talk to me about Equity Summit coming up in January… what is it, what was the genesis and what are you hoping to accomplish?
  • This year Prequin reported that BRV is one of the most consistently high performing firms in venture… I know that you’ve been at this for ten years now at Blue Run… what are some of the key factors that have led to your sustained success?
  • I came across your recent article on succession planning and it had me a bit worried… are you planning leaving the industry anytime soon?