Bernard-Henri Lévy: “The Search for Truth, and the Future of Knowledge” | Talks at Google

French philosopher and scholar Bernard-Henri Lévy joins us for a fascinating, mind-expanding discussion, as he ruminates on the inherently human search for truth in a rapidly-changing world, and — given the incredible rise of the technological age — the potential evolution of our sense of “collective knowledge.”

Bernard-Henri (often referred to simply as “BHL”) will take us on a journey through his life experiences, as a watcher of world history, of change, and of the rise and fall of movements, to give us a window into the future he sees coming toward us.

About Bernard-Henri Lévy:
Called “the most prominent intellectual in France today” by the Boston Globe, Bernard-Henri Lévy has a long history of helping to bring philosophical debate into the public mainstream, including acting as one of the leaders of the Nouveaux Philosophes (“New Philosophers”) movement in France in 1976. His scholarship and public essays on subjects ranging from anthropology, economic theory, and social evolution have paved the way for a new generation of philosophers, historians, and critical theorists, and has reanimated the figure of an ancient “orator in the agora” for the modern age.

Moderated by Brice Challamel.

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