Defy Ventures Colorado | Talks at Google

This is a presentation and panel discussion with Bob Omer and Stacey Putka from Defy Ventures Colorado. Bob and Stacey take us through the Defy process of reconnecting individuals with criminal histories with the greater community through powerful entrepreneurial journeys that create healing and lasting change. Working closely with the Colorado Department of Corrections, Defy Colorado has graduated over 80 Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs) in its program at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility and Colorado State Penitentiary, since its start in 2017.

This is a fascinating discussion that brings in stakeholders from all sides of the Defy Journey: A manager of Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility, a Lieutenant from Colorado State Penitentiary, a brother of a Defy Colorado EIT, a Defy Colorado Entrepreneur in Training, and a volunteer of the program. You’ll get an inside look at what it’s like to be in the program from a formerly incarcerated man, what it’s like to see the transformation from the perspective of a CSP officer, and what it’s like to watch your sibling transform and reengage with family while still in prison.

Bob Omer, Executive Director, Defy Ventures Colorado
Stacey Putka, Prison Program Manager, Defy Ventures Colorado

Bob Bucholz, Manager, Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility.
Brandon Hagans, Lieutenant, Colorado State Penitentiary
Travis Taylor, Founder, Spot On Financial and brother of a Defy Colorado EIT
Ronnie Madrid, Defy Colorado Entrepreneur in Training
Tom Wyman, Partner, Building Ventures