Dr. Dave Shirazi: “The Science of Sleep” | Talks at Google

Dr. Shirazi and massage therapist Wendy Judson explore the underlying causes for sleep disorders, and the multiple related health repercussions, in this life-changing conversation about the oft-overlooked importance of one’s palate, tongue and nasal breathing as well as just the importance of sleeping the night through without interruption. From snoring and bruxism to TMJ pain (TMD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), much of what we have learned about how to address sleep disorders only addresses the symptoms. Dr. Shirazi and Wendy explore possibilities and solutions that affect all walks of life, from newborn babies to the elderly. If you currently wear a CPAP for OSA, or know someone who does, and have trouble feeling comfortable with it, there are great alternatives to consider!

Dr. Shirazi is a licensed DDS and acupuncturist based in the Los Angeles, California area. His practice, TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Los Angeles (http://tmjla.com/) and TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley (https://tmjandsleeptherapycentre.com/), are part of a worldwide organization (https://tmjtherapycentre.com/our-centres-of-excellence/) that helps people with sleep disorders.