Gadi Ezra: “From the Law Books to the Battlefield” | Talks at Google

Gadi Ezra holds an unparalleled perspective on war. As both a human rights attorney and a Special Forces veteran, he illuminates how international law’s application in real combat.

Gadi Ezra is advising the Israeli Defense Establishment while pursuing his PhD. in Law. A *Forbes 30 under 30 *honoree and a requested international speaker, Gadi already holds three law degrees from both Tel-Aviv University and NYU School of law, specializing in public law and human rights. At NYU, Gadi was the first Israeli chosen to deliver ( the convocation speech ( on behalf of his classmates. Previously, he headed the Laws of War desk at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was selected to clerk directly for the State Attorney of Israel, Mr. Moshe Lador, where he participated in cardinal decision-making processes.

Based on his personal experience as well as his strong academic and practical background, Gadi examines the complexities of applying the laws of warfare in actual combat, using first-hand experiences from his team’s story from Operation Cast Lead.

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