Simon Bernard: “Around the World Powered by Plastic Waste” | Talks at Google

Simon Bernard, Expedition Leader of Plastic Odyssey presents you the first round-the-world expedition on a boat powered solely by plastic waste.

Simon graduated from the French Merchant Navy Academy (ENSM). He has sailed on several merchant vessels as deck officer and engine officer. Passionate about finding solutions to environmental issues, he carried out several studies and projects on eco-friendly ships, CO2 emission reduction, circular economy and low technologies for developing countries.

In 2016, he won the Green Tech Award initiated by the Ministry of the environment before founding Plastic Odyssey NGO that aims to reduce the ocean’s pollution by promoting plastic recycling solutions adapted to developing countries.

This talk discusses:
– The mystery of the missing plastic : why pollution is not about a continent of plastic
– The challenge behind Plastic Odyssey : how open innovation could help reducing the plastic leakage
– How we can all be part of the solution toward a circular economy

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